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Personal Storyline Ads
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Personal Storyline Ads

A new community thats made ONLY for personal storyline.
If you have a storyline idea and want to roleplay it with someone,just fill out the ad below and re-post it to our community.
Dont forget this is a NEW community and you may not get a response right away.
So,to help out the community why dont you post ads up wherever you can that would really help.
This is a SLASH only PSL.no exceptions.
and definatly NO HARRY POTTER PSL ADS.
iIm not dissing HP but whenever i got to an rpg ad community i see WAY too many HP ads and it annoys me alittle.
No celebrites.

Copy & Paste:

Character you will be playing:
Character Wanted:
AIM,Yahoo, or MSN (SN):
Any other information: